Pokemon Go Player Tries to Get a Million EXP Legitimately But Something Happened

Pokemon Go is still one of the most popular games in the Android and iOS platform and a lot of players want to show off by doing a lot of things illegally (like making use of GPS spoofing to trick the system that they are in one place but in reality, they are in the comfort of their own homes).

When it comes to experience points, a lot of people have said that it is nearly impossible to get as much Experience points on any given day through legitimate means.

But, one Pokemon Go player put it upon himself to disprove this. This Pokemon Go player that goes by the name “Jimmy Derocher” is a hardcore player and he wants to prove that it is indeed possible to get as much as a million Experience points per day through legitimate methods. In other words, you can gain a lot of EXP even without using any cheating application.

So, what is Derocher planning to do and how is he planning to pull this off? Basically, there are 10 Pokestops in his area and in these Pokestops, he intends to use a lure in each one.

Pokestops are specific places in your area where you can get a lot of things; from Pokeballs and different items to experience points.

Also, he has 4 specific rules that he wants to accomplish.

1. He said that to never make a lap last more than 5 minutes. In other words, he has to visit all of the 10 Pokestops as fast as possible and should not last more than 5 minutes.

2. Next, he plans to never stop to catch some Pokemon other than Pokemon that are really rare.

3. Next, he intends to take small breaks in-between laps to rest and then, he goes back in the other direction and visit the Pokestops in reverse order.

4. And finally, he intends to minimize the lap distance by going as fast as he can but also going at the pace where the system will not think that he’s going “too fast”.

To make sure that this is completely legit, his friends want to stream the entire thing via Twitch, a popular streaming site.

With his plan in place, a lot of people went there to witness the somewhat historic event. After the set time, he went off on his expedition to gain as much as one million EXP legitimately in a day.

Everything went smoothly and according to plan but after reaching the 600,000 EXP mark, what seemed to be a smooth run instantly turned into a nightmare.

After legitimately gaining a lot of EXP and after reaching the 600K mark, it was nearly impossible now to get Pokemon as the Pokemon will be leaving the scene before he even has the chance to get one.

Furthermore, after a couple of minutes, Derocher’s account got “soft banned” or he was unable to login to the game for about 24 hours.

This is part of the game’s “anti-cheating mechanism”. You see, if the system sees that you’ve gained a lot of EXP in a short amount of time, it will think that you are using third party applications, otherwise known as cheating applications.

Still, what Derocher did was something remarkable because it proved two things: that you can get a lot of Experience points in the game through legitimate ways and that the anti-cheating mechanism of the game needs to be polished.

Hopefully, Niantic will see what Derocher did and so that they can make adjustments accordingly.

Pokemon Go is still available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. This game was developed by Niantic Studios and published by Nintendo.

zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster

In the modern times, 4G LTE is now the king and supreme successor to yesterday’s 3G standard. Although that may be the case, some people opt for 3G signals because that is the only thing they can afford and that is the only type of signal that can reach them (since most people are far away from their service provider’s cell towers).

3G signals are pretty okay. They may not have blazing fast internet speeds compared to their successors but it still provides a decent amount of speed. Heck, I can even watch Youtube videos by just using the 3G connectivity of my phone without any problems.

Normally, I do not have problems accessing the internet using 3G signals but the problem arises when there is a drop in signal. You see, there are a lot of factors that would ultimately hamper your mobile phone’s signal reception. It could be the distance from the cell towers, physical obstructions, even the construction material used in building your house.

Thankfully, the problem of low mobile phone signal reception has since been solved with the advent of mobile phone signal boosters.

Today, we are going to talk about a very good 3G mobile phone signal booster from the company, zBoost. We are going to talk about the zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

To know more about the zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster, here are its features:

  • High-performance dual band signal booster – coverage up to 5,500 sq. ft. (up to 77 dB system gain)
  • Ideal for residential spaces that have reliable outside signal
  • Indoor panel antenna for better in-building signal penetration
  • Reduces dropped and missed calls and can provide faster 3G data performance for multiple simultaneous users
  • Boosts performance for iPhone™, Samsung™, Android™ and other phones and mobile devices
  • Automatically operates at maximum gain – no manual adjustments needed
  • Extends phone battery life – phone uses less power when the indoor signal is stronger
  • Easier to set up – window entry cable included

What impressed with a lot of zBoost mobile phone signal boosters is their incredible range. The zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster has an impressive 5,500 sq.ft range. This means that this signal booster can be installed either on your home and office and it will work efficiently in both cases.

Furthermore, the installation of the zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster is very easy. You do not have to go to the rooftop to install the external antenna as you can now mount it on the window.

After mounting the external antenna on the window, place the signal amplifier on the middle portion of your house (that is because the internal antenna is already inside the signal amplifier unit).

Power on the device and wait for 3-5 minutes. There are LED indicators to let you know if the mobile phone signal booster is now boosting signals.

The zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a very good 3G mobile phone signal booster. And for the price of only $350, a very easy installation, and a simple plug-and-play design, the zBoost ZB545X Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a good choice for novice users.

Audible App for the iOS

Mobile phones have now become true media devices. You can watch movies on it, you can listen to your audio files on it as well.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a great audio book app for Apple’s mobile phones. The app I am referring to is the Audible App for the iOS.

Audible is an Amazon-owned company. For people who are not familiar with Amazon, Amazon is an online marketplace where you can buy anything you can think of. Audible, though, offers audiobooks from a variety of different genres.

Now, before I talk about the features of Audible, I want to classify people when it comes to books. Some people love to read; that is a given. But, most people who want to learn but do not have the time to read would much rather have an audio book while they’re doing something else.

I personally go to the gym and just listen to audio books because then, I can do two things at once: lift weights and absorb information by listening to audio books.

Now that is out of the way, let’s talk more about the Audible App for the iOS mobile phones.

The Audible App for the iOS is an audio-book repository that allows you to download audiobooks straight on your iOS mobile phones. This app offers audio books in a variety of different categories such as Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Self-Development, Crime and Thriller, Business, Children’s books, Non-fiction, History, and many more!

If you’re like me, I want to be able to get a sample of something before I buy it. Fortunately, the Audible App for the iOS offers that as well. This app allows you to hear a sample of the audio book that you fancy. This is to ensure that you’re not going to regret buying that particular audio book.

What’s more, the Audible App for the iOS mobile phones allows you to download the entire audiobook so you can listen to it offline. Turning on your mobile phone data for hours on end is a sure way to deplete all of its battery life. It is nice to know that this app allows you to listen to all of your purchased audiobooks offline to enjoy your mobile phone even more throughout the day.

Also, if you’re the type of person who wants to download a lot of audio books, the Audible App for the iOS allows you to download audio books while listening to another audio book all at the same time. If you’re done with a particular audio book, you can just play the next one without having to wait for it!

Another cool feature is that this app has a seamless integration with the Kindle App. Kindle is Amazon’s official ebook reader. If you’re tired of listening to the audio version of the book, you can enjoy the visual version of the book (by using the Kindle App) absolutely free. This is actually quite a nice feature as you have the choice of changing the audio book to text format and vice versa.

The Audible App for the iOS mobile phones is free to download but you will have to play for the audiobook you wish to download. Still, with awesome features and a massive library of audio books, the Audible App for the iOS is a must-have for people who want to learn on the go.

Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s

Mobile phones, known nowadays as smartphones, have evolved through the years. From simple calls and texts, the mobile phones are now able to surf the internet, stream media on the go, and a whole lot of other things.

Even though the technologies have evolved, there is one thing that is still left lagging behind. What is that, you ask? Well, I am referring to the durability of the mobile phone. Specifically, the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s has a wealthy number of features that a lot of people will be happy about. Unfortunately, there are numerous reports that a simple drop of the mobile phone will render it shattered or physically damaged.

To prevent such a thing to happen to your precious iPhone 6s mobile phone, you need to buy a protective case. So today, we are going to take a look at the Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s.

The Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s is made of a 3-layer, Polycarbonate and TPE material. These materials have been highly regarded to be durable and lightweight, making it the perfect materials for building a protective case for the mobile phone.

The protective case also has a raised-bezel design so whenever you drop the phone, it will be spared from any damage due to the impact.

As for the grip, the Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s has a perimeter bumper on the sides so that you can comfortably grip your iphone 6s. This is a perfect thing for people with sweaty hands as it sports a matte-finish, as opposed to the glossy finish of the iPhone 6s.

And lastly, the Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s only comes with a black and gray color scheme, so if you want other colors for a protective case, you may want to look somewhere else.

Is the Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s perfect for your needs? Here are some customer reviews to help you decide:

Scott: “The Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s has a superior construction. When I put my iPhone 6s on it, I feel that it is durable enough to withstand any impact, especially from accidental drops. The case itself doesn’t add weight or heft to the phone making it easy to slide to and from the pocket. The Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s is a great protective case and I love the price as well.”

Tiffany: “The Mightyshell is rugged yet elegant. It is rugged because of its build quality; it is robust and when I put it on my iPhone 6s, it feels as if it can protect it from anything. I love the slim form factor of the case and I can see that the bezels protect the phone form impact, especially when it is dropped screen-down. All in all, I am fine with the product.”

The Speck Mightyshell Protective Case for iPhone 6s is a good protective case for your mobile phone. This protective case retails at $33.

Jenny Craig Diet

When you hear the word “diet”, what usually comes to mind? You’re probably thinking about calorie-counting, making sure you’re aware of what you eat, limit cheat days to a minimum, etc. But, when you’re left on your own, you usually fall back into familiar and destructive habits.

A certain diet helps you with weight-loss by giving consultations and pre-packaged meals to jumpstart your fat-loss journey. This diet is the Jenny Craig diet. Let’s take a history lesson and see where this all began.

The authors of this diet is Jenny Craig and her husband, Sidney Craig. Both of them founded the Jenny Craig inc. The aim of this company is to help people lose weight by giving them consultations, encouraging them to make lifestyle modifications, and helping people with their meal plans by offering pre-packaged meals.

One of the hallmarks of the Jenny Craig diet is that people will be given dedicated health consultants. These consultants are just people who have undergone the Jenny Craig seminar and was also certified by the company. They will teach you the basics on how to lose weight as effectively and as fast as possible.

You and your assigned consultant will then track the progress over a couple of weeks. If you lose weight and you’re on your way to reaching your desired weight goal, they will edit your program again to maintain the steady pace.

When you’re struggling to lose weight or you’re reaching a plateau, these consultants will motivate you and push you even harder to reach your dream body.

Another key point of the Jenny Craig diet is the pre-packaged meals. When you sign up for the program, you will have a choice of what you’ll eat the following weeks. You can choose 7 breakfast meals, 7 lunch meals, 7 Dinners, and 7 snack options. Don’t worry, the consultants will help you design the best meal plan for you.

Unlike other diets that have ridiculous caloric-restrictions, the Jenny Craig diet focus more on the nutrition. Participants of the said diet can eat as much as 1800 to 2300 calories per day, and they can eat 6 times a day! These meal plans are carefully planned to help you lose weight without ever having to go hungry again.

In Short, the Jenny Craig diet is person-centered and is a perfect diet for your weight-loss needs. Let’s see some reviews from people who’ve tried this diet:

Marianna: “My personal consultant Donna was there for my entire weight loss journey. She was so knowledgeable, supportive, understanding and most importantly, she had faith in me. I have become a good role model of healthy living for my family.”


On average, people who undergo the Jenny Craig diet lose only 1-2 pounds per week. But, this is actually quite a steady loss of fat, and it’s quite ideal because people will not have to starve themselves just to enjoy weight-loss.

If you’re looking for an easy to do diet with a dedicated consultant to help you along the way, the Jenny Craig diet is perfect for you.

Would It Be Worth Getting Nintendo Unit

It is not a hidden secret the fact that with there being a lot of Nintendo games consoles it might be difficult to pick the one which will be the greatest available for you. Currently there are 5 units in the Nintendo 3DS group, so that it is actually harder to choose among each of them. We should have a look at the particular choices obtainable. You’ll find, of course, initial types of 3DS along with 3DS XL. Nevertheless we simply cannot disregard the Nintendo 2DS.

3DS has a number of advantages which are very notable. Those contain greater cpu, larger display screen and, of course, three dimensional technology. 3DS clan has a lot of designs and we’ll perform our greatest to present you with information that could allow you to select the best gaming system.
Precisely the same dimensions screens tend to be provided for both 2DS and 3DS types. However, the 2DS window screens are in fact component of just one, flat display screen which is split in two by the plastic-type screen surround of the particular unit. It makes the actual 2DS less expensive and much easier to produce.
However that is certainly not the only explanation precisely why 2DS is less costly. It’s also less expensive because it doesn’t have three-dimensional display screen like 3DS console. Yet three dimensional is just a choice – you can power it down if you actually sense like that. There are numerous factors behind performing that.
The kind of three dimensional utilized in these types of units is known as autostereoscopic 3D. It’s a glasses-free engineering that requires you keep your face still. A few persons have problems with headaches and discomfort. This is another excuse for creating 2DS. 2DS is particularly popular with children.
3DS uses a brand new modern technology. It’s called Super Stable 3D. This utilizes the particular front-facing digital cameras within the new gaming systems to trace your face and eye movements, quickly altering the actual 3 dimensional effect in accordance with just what angle your face reaches with regards to the actual 3DS display.
We discovered the three-dimensional effect is more effective in completely new games consoles, not only since it is much more trustworthy and enables you to use it when moving or on public transport, however because the colour imitation is much better compared to the two dimensional picture.
A few individuals are going for 3DS since these feel that 2DS won’t be able to run virtually all games but that is not the case. It does not matter if you’ve 3DS or even 2DS games console – virtually all game titles are going to function with no difficulties.
Why is this? The same detectors and also the same form of cpu will come in all models – 3DS greatest benefit is three dimensional choice. They could all do the same thing, approximately. However in case you would like the particular video games to generally be loaded speedier, you should pick newest types as they have got speedier processors.
A wise get for a more youthful game player that doesn’t mind about 3D might possibly be 2DS. Generally there will also be fewer parts that may split therefore the reliability of 2DS is much better. For more mature plus more skilled gamers that can manage the actual extra cash, we propose sticking to the actual 3DS.

Nintendo 2DS – latest Nintendo console


Nintendo 2DS console is a modified version of Nintendo 3DS. The 2DS version will play the games of 3DS as well as DS in 2D. Being the new model in the Nintendo family of consoles, Nintendo 2DS offers the entire range of awesome games playable in 2D. For everyone this game console offers something to enjoy. The backward compatibility of Nintendo 2DS enables the users to play all their favorite Nintendo DS games also. Thus the 2DS version serves two purposes – enjoying the new additions and replaying the old titles. ‘Street Pass’ and ‘Spot Pass’ are the two important features of Nintendo 2DS console. Street Pass keeps the users connected wherever they go and enables them to swap the game data with other users as they pass them. The users automatically receive new games, videos, trailers and news and play with others online over Wi-Fi thanks to the Spot Pass feature. The parental control features of Nintendo 2DS enable the kids to use this game console with assured safety. The content as well as wireless connectivity can be easily controlled.

Host of amazing features

Nintendo 2DS console offers lively games by virtue of its ultra-bright screens. They produce visuals that are crisp and sharp. The touch screen controls of this handheld console ensure the best performance. The box contains Nintendo 2DS system, Nintendo 2DS stylus, console charger, 4GB SD memory card, AR cards and user manual. While the 2DS version retains most of the hardware features of the 3DS version such as the 3DS game play control, wireless connectivity, backward compatibility, Street Pass and Spot Pass, the new console has a distinctive slate form design and plays all the downloaded Nintendo 3DS games in 2D. For those who are familiar with the Nintendo console family the 2DS version offers a new way to enjoy. For those who are new to Nintendo, the 2DS is a great introduction of the Nintendo family. Since the system is provided with dual screens the users can make use of the game-play controls as well as the touch-screen features.

The awesome 2DS

Those who use the Nintendo 2DS console can easily access the Nintendo e Shop for the great digital games, fun video content and various wireless connectivity features like the multiplayer online game play. This handheld console is built strong. The most amazing feature of Nintendo 2DS console is that one can play the entire library of packaged and downloadable games of Nintendo 3DS in 2D. The 2DS has two cameras on the back. Though this handheld console doesn’t have 3D display, the cameras enable the users to take 3D pictures.

Advantages of using an R4 3ds card

Tired of the same old games? Feel like you wish you could do more with your Nintendo 3DS? Wish games were not so expensive. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider purchasing an R4 3DS card. Here, we will examine just a few reasons why you might want to invest in an R4 3DS card. Without a purchase of an R4 3DS card for your gaming system, you might be seriously missing out!

Real-time Saving Function

Want a way to always save your progress? An R4 3DS, just like any other memory card, can do this for you. However, an R4 3DS allows you to save your progress in real time. This means that you can start up your game and start right where you left off. No more loosing items or falling back levels because you did not save correctly. For the serious gamer who often plays quite a few different games, just this function alone can be very appealing. The R4 has plenty of storage room that allows you to save many different files on just one device.

Store and Use All Your Media

Wish your DS did more than just let you play games? You are not alone. The R4 3DS can solve this problem for you.  r4-3dsWhen you use this card, your system automatically becomes a multi-media player. You can play games, listen to music, read e-books, and much more. All it takes is an http://www.r43dsofficielss.com and a bit of know-how. Best of all, you can also use this card to store all your various media files. The 3DS is a great gaming system, but it becomes an even more powerful device when a card like this is installed.

A Reasonable Price for More Games

Want a way to download more games, for cheaper? If so, an R4 3DS card can help with that, too! By using this sort of card, you can download a large number of homebrew (which stands for developed by amateurs) games. These homebrew games consist of everything from puzzle games to action and adventure. It’s a neat way to learn about new games. Most of these games are available online at various websites for a price that is much cheaper than typical Nintendo games. With this sort of card, the savings on game cost alone can be tremendous.