Nintendo 2DS – latest Nintendo console


Nintendo 2DS console is a modified version of Nintendo 3DS. The 2DS version will play the games of 3DS as well as DS in 2D. Being the new model in the Nintendo family of consoles, Nintendo 2DS offers the entire range of awesome games playable in 2D. For everyone this game console offers something to enjoy. The backward compatibility of Nintendo 2DS enables the users to play all their favorite Nintendo DS games also. Thus the 2DS version serves two purposes – enjoying the new additions and replaying the old titles. ‘Street Pass’ and ‘Spot Pass’ are the two important features of Nintendo 2DS console. Street Pass keeps the users connected wherever they go and enables them to swap the game data with other users as they pass them. The users automatically receive new games, videos, trailers and news and play with others online over Wi-Fi thanks to the Spot Pass feature. The parental control features of Nintendo 2DS enable the kids to use this game console with assured safety. The content as well as wireless connectivity can be easily controlled.

Host of amazing features

Nintendo 2DS console offers lively games by virtue of its ultra-bright screens. They produce visuals that are crisp and sharp. The touch screen controls of this handheld console ensure the best performance. The box contains Nintendo 2DS system, Nintendo 2DS stylus, console charger, 4GB SD memory card, AR cards and user manual. While the 2DS version retains most of the hardware features of the 3DS version such as the 3DS game play control, wireless connectivity, backward compatibility, Street Pass and Spot Pass, the new console has a distinctive slate form design and plays all the downloaded Nintendo 3DS games in 2D. For those who are familiar with the Nintendo console family the 2DS version offers a new way to enjoy. For those who are new to Nintendo, the 2DS is a great introduction of the Nintendo family. Since the system is provided with dual screens the users can make use of the game-play controls as well as the touch-screen features.

The awesome 2DS

Those who use the Nintendo 2DS console can easily access the Nintendo e Shop for the great digital games, fun video content and various wireless connectivity features like the multiplayer online game play. This handheld console is built strong. The most amazing feature of Nintendo 2DS console is that one can play the entire library of packaged and downloadable games of Nintendo 3DS in 2D. The 2DS has two cameras on the back. Though this handheld console doesn’t have 3D display, the cameras enable the users to take 3D pictures.